In Ghana and most part of West Africa, Women are the major producers of Shea butter.  Shea Butter offers these women the opportunity to employment and their earnings feed, clothe, and educate their children. Over 16 million African women make aliving from Shea Butter Production.

At Danielle & Daisy, we source our Shea Butter directly from women Run organisations  in  the northern part of Ghana. Doing this ensures that we get our Shea Butter from direct source of production. This also means that we get the finest quality hand-crafted Shea butter that delivers the best results for our customers. 

Trading directly with women Shea Butter producers means also that we place revenue in the hands of the women, they get what exactly they have earned and removes the middlemen.

Naana, Co Founder of Danielle & Daisy, being a Social Worker have worked and supported women and children for many years, this zeal to carry on supporting women was brought into forming Danielle and Daisy. We at Danielle & Daisy strongly live for  supporting the community, supporting women especially widows, single mothers and women with brain injuries.

We work hard to promote Women Empowerment especially the empowerment of the African Women - We know that when a woman is financially secured , she can change the lives of her children, her family and her community.

Danielle & Daisy are inspired by the strength, the beauty, the dedication, the creativity, the experience, the stories the women share, the journey they have travelled and the dignity of  which these women live by. We seek to support and make a difference in their lives and their communities. 

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